How to use protective gloves correctly?

1. Use labor protection gloves in the correct situation, and keep the size is appropriate.

2. Select the working glove with corresponding protective function effect, and replace it regularly, do not exceed the use period.

3. Check work gloves for damage at any time, especially chemical-resistant gloves, nitrile glove, latex glove, welding gloves, BBQ glove, Gardening glove.

4. Pay attention to keep the work gloves properly after use, store in a ventilated and dry environment.

5. Attention must be paid to the correct method when taking off labor work protective gloves to prevent the harmful substances contaminated on the gloves from contacting the skin and clothes, resulting in secondary pollution.

6. Avoid sharing: It is best not to share protective gloves with others, because the inside of gloves is a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms, and sharing gloves can easily cause cross-infection.

7. Pay attention to cleanliness: Wash your hands before using protective gloves, and wear gloves on clean (sterile) hands, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria. Wash your hands after removing gloves and apply some hand cream to replenish oil.

8. Pay attention to the time of use: When working with vibrating tools, it is not safe to wear anti-vibration gloves. It should be noted that a certain period of rest should be arranged during work. As the vibration frequency of the tool itself increases, the rest time can be extended accordingly. For various vibration tools used, it is best to measure the vibration acceleration in order to select suitable shock proof impact gloves and obtain better protection effect.




Post time: Dec-21-2022