How to classify labor protective gloves?

Common materials for labor protection gloves are 8 categories:

1. Leather, mainly pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, artificial leather, artificial leather.

2. Glue, mainly rubber, natural latex, nitrile rubber.

3. Cloths, mainly knitted fabrics, canvas, functional fabrics, and accessories.

4. Threads, mainly cotton yarn, nylon thread, high elastic yarn, low elastic yarn.

5. Add materials, mainly cotton, sponge, steel wire, anti-virus material, anti-skid material, fire-proof material and shock-proof material.

6. Chemical materials, zinc oxide, antioxidants, sulfur, pigments, potassium hydroxide, calcium bicarbonate, etc.

7. Chemical materials, here refers to liquid gloves.




Classification of labor insurance gloves based on:

1.Classified by material: latex gloves, rubber gloves, rubber gloves, nitrile gloves, pvc gloves, jersey gloves, flannel gloves, gold velvet gloves, canvas gloves, wool gloves, cotton yarn gloves, cowhide gloves, pigskin gloves, sheepskin Gloves, Mink Gloves, Deerskin Gloves, Faux Fur Gloves, Faux Leather Gloves, Plastic Gloves, etc.

2.Classified according to the process: dipped gloves, hanging rubber gloves, semi-hanging rubber gloves, line hanging rubber gloves, film gloves, three-rib gloves, half-finger gloves, invisible gloves, etc.

3.Classified by use: medical gloves, ski gloves, astronaut gloves, diving gloves, food gloves, welding gloves, acid-resistant gloves, alkali-resistant gloves, oil-resistant gloves, cut-resistant gloves, non-slip gloves, cold-resistant gloves, temperature-resistant gloves, microwave oven gloves , Ceremonial Gloves, Wedding Gloves, Boating Gloves, Boxing Gloves, Shooting Gloves, Garden Gloves, Disposable Gloves and more.

4.Classified by appearance: wrinkled gloves, dispensing gloves, lace gloves, etc.

5.Classified by habits: export gloves, knitted gloves, cotton gloves, green wrinkle gloves, laundry gloves, athletes gloves, etc.

Post time: Dec-21-2022