Can you steam clean the leather gloves?

You may wonder if leather gloves can be steam cleaned, but it certainly can be steam cleaned.

Chemical-Free — Steam cleaning is a chemical-free cleaning method that not only cleans leather items but also disinfects them.

Kills Bacteria and Pathogens — It’s also very effective at killing harmful bacteria and pathogens.Steam cleaners are able to produce steam up to 140°C, while similar cleaners can only produce steam at 100°C, and steam cleaners can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and fungi from leather upholstery.This also prevents the growth of mold, dust mites, and the accumulation of pollutants.

Removes Odor — With steam cleaning, the hot steam can easily penetrate the leather layers and pull odors out of the pores.It also allows you to remove any bacteria, yeast, or microorganisms that produce any odor due to the high temperatures.

Cleans Leather — Steam cleaning is a very effective method for cleaning leather because the heat effectively opens the leather’s pores.The high temperatures of the steam loosen dirt and oil molecules that exist deep within the leather and effectively separate them from the material.

Removes Mould — If you have mould on your leather items, steam cleaning can remove the fungus that is deeply embedded in the leather.This is because the mould cannot withstand the heat released by the steam cleaner (bacteria cannot withstand heat above 140°F or 60°C).

However, steam cleaning also has drawbacks, so it requires professional personnel to operate to minimize the drawbacks.

It dries the leather – Steam cleaning dries the leather and loses its nourishing oils in the process. As the hot steam penetrates the pores of the leather, the water mixes with the existing oils and evaporates with them. This combined action can effectively remove bacteria and embedded impurities;however, it also causes the leather to dry out. Therefore, you need to condition your leather products after steam cleaning.

It causes water stains – Since steam is essentially water vapor, it causes water stains on the leather. If you overdo it with steam cleaning, you will find that your leather products look dry, cracked, flaky, and even rotten (in the worst case). Therefore, you need to let your leather products dry naturally.

It can shrink the leather – Exposure to water during steam cleaning can cause the leather fibers to shrink. Furthermore, the heat generated by the steam can act as a catalyst for the finishing process, further softening and shrinking the leather. Shrinkage can affect the appearance of the leather as it leads to the formation of wrinkles and creases.

It can cause mould growth – If the water from steam cleaning is not successfully dried or evaporated, it can cause mould and mold growth. To ensure that there is no water vapor left in the leather after steam cleaning, you should dry your leather products in a clean, well-ventilated, moisture-free area.

Can you steam clean the leather gloves

Post time: Nov-17-2023