Introduction of Welding Gloves:

Welding gloves are essential protective equipment in welding operations, mainly used to protect welders’ hands from high temperature, splash, radiation, corrosion and other injuries. Generally, welding gloves are made of heat-resistant materials, such as genuine leather, artificial leather, rubber, etc. The following is an introduction to some welding gloves:

Genuine leather welding gloves: Made of genuine leather materials, such as cow grain leather, cow split leather, sheepskin leather, goatskin leather, pig leather, they have excellent heat resistance, protection and firmness, and can effectively prevent heat radiation, metal splashes and other injuries. Leather welding gloves are thick and heavy, and the price is relatively high. Our company specializes in the production of leather welding gloves, high-quality wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant, welcome to inquiry and purchase.

Artificial leather welding gloves: made of artificial leather, PVC and other materials. Compared with genuine leather, artificial leather welding gloves are lighter, easier to maintain, and have the characteristics of chemical resistance and puncture resistance. However, due to the limitations of the material, its heat resistance is poorer than that of genuine leather.

Rubber welding gloves: resistant to oil, acid, alkali, and splitting, etc., it is one of the more common work gloves, and is widely used in sharp tools such as friction and puncture in dangerous environments. However, due to its thinness, its heat resistance is not ideal, and it is not suitable for high temperature work such as welding.

Generally speaking, each welding glove has its own advantages and disadvantages, and should be selected according to the actual use occasion. Such as working materials, working environment, working intensity, special functional requirements, etc. to choose.

Post time: May-08-2023