Environmental Rubber Latex Coated Palm 13 Gauge Polyester Flower Print Purple Green Gardening Glove

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Coated Material:Rubber, Latex

Liner: 13g Polyester


Color: Purple,Green

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Coated Material:Rubber, Latex
Liner: 13g Polyester
Color: Purple,Green, Color can be customized
Application: Daily Work, Gardening, Handling, Driving
Feature: Anti Slip, Hand protect, Comfortable, Breathable

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Specially Design Gardening Gloves for Women: These  latex coated palms provide excellent grip and the gloves are so light and flexible that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them. Beautiful and vibrant color easy to find when you drop one.

Lightweight & Breathable Ladies Garden Gloves: Breathable base & latex coating design for high breathability, grip and fit like a second skin, keeps hands cool dry and clean, soft and easy to manipulate. non-slip fingers and hands, make it easy to grip tools and plant stems.

Comfortable Gardening Gloves with Added Dexterity: These are great for weeding and other garden jobs where you need dexterity , give you a good level of dexterity and feeling.

Ideal for work gardening, it's handy to switch into a fresh comfortable pair throughout the day. Machine washable bargain garden gloves.


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